18 Dec 2007

E-learning materials acquisition requires more than money.

I've been reviewing some demos that explain and train for diversity. The really good quality and the nuanced message they give was a pleasure to watch. They were sent to me by Shamima from the Grimsby Institue in the UK.

Even though the discs were just demos, they showed really well the possibilities of the medium. Surprising as well is the depth one can attain with a well balanced mix of graphical, textual and video elements.

But far from this post being nothing more than a positive review of the demos - which of course it is as well - I want to share something I thought while watching.

As this is -or rather, was, because the project is almost through- a really good example of a shareable e-learning material, I doubt I would be able to convince our policy staff to have it translated and used in our network. Probably not because of the cost. Money is something usually available for good projects. Rather, I would imagine it to be hard to get the diversity issue so much on top of a usually crowded policy agenda that it would seem worth spending the money for it.

So the choice for e-learning in our environment (multi-culture, multi-language) becomes difficult because of what is made is not necessarily what is felt as needed. It's a challenge I certainly want to tackle.

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